User profle pic

Yeah, so about this user profile pic...
This was taken in our garage in 2009.  You are no doubt asking yourself, why is that goofy looking bald guy cooking pancakes in a garage?

I'll tell you!

We did a renovation project in 2009 that took up much of the year...we started in April and moved in, in August.  During this time, we were without a kitchen and I was cooking in my garage.  I made it work, and we didn't resort to going out to eat except for a few times. I had a Microwave oven, a 2-burner cooktop, a rice cooker, a Vitamix Turbu-effing-blender and our grill which also had a side burner.

It was an excellent test of my cooking skills and imagination - we didn't use the grill a lot when we finally move back into our renovated space, as we were so sick of char-broiled flesh.

I documented the project at and it's still there, I never deleted it. You are welcome to check it out.  It's pretty good if I do say so myself.



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